Practice Pilates Online in the comfort of your home with our Online Membership

In our fast paced world, online pilates classes will give you the option to reduce your travelling time to exercise when your time is so precious! We want you to have access anytime, anywhere around the world to online classes that are not one size fits all!


Tired of One Size Fits all?

There are many concerns and injuries that others share with you. We understand this and want to be able to offer modifications and variations to make sure everyone gets the most out of their session. In addition you will gain access to short Videos that target areas you want to focus on. You can mix it up or choose to have an all over body experience designed by a Certified Level 4 APMA Accredited Teacher.


Stuck on time? Are you busy looking
after young kids, working shifts, travelling?

Recent research states that we are working longer hours and not taking our holiday leave, leaving us physically and mentally challenged more than ever.


You don’t have to go it Alone

In our experience many people share common concerns and find
it hard to get moving. Life is full of challenges, some days are better than others. We have easy access to more solutions for these problems with access online in the modern world.

We really care about our clients and make it a point to help you come up with solutions for your needs. It may be that all those work hours are catching up with your body and you are suffering in pain.
This is very common and easy to combat with the support and
guidance we offer.

Feel a sense of community with like minded people who prefer not
going to the gym but to learn about looking after their body in the
comfort of their homes.

Improving your health and increasing your strength is at your fingertips more than ever. Take comfort that you are in expert hands who know and understand what you need.


Don’t Let Your Body Cease Up Prematurely


Access to a range of videos on conditions, targetted areas of focus or stretch and release content.
From 5 minutes to 60 minutes the choice is yours.

Workouts for everybody! Choose a whole body experience or content specific to what you need.

You now have the choice to be flexible, save time and save money.
To live a life that is healthy, with reduced pain or pain free! What we do in the studio is transferred to you through your screens any time of the day 24/7 with little to no equipment needed!


Here’s What People Say About Our Pilates Classes

In an Environment where your staff are
working more from home show you care by
investing in your staff's health and wellbeing!

Trends show that staff are working longer hours at home, sitting at their
workstations for longer. As a result they suffer tight hips, back, neck and
shoulder pain and poor posture leading to poor health of the body.

We offer discounts for group bookings for corporate or business owners.

A message from the Founder

Hi, I’m Mary Van Orsouw and I have a passion for working with individuals like you and building up your strength and feelings of wellbeing.

It is important to me that your individual needs are being heard with regular feedback. The Pilates that I offer is based on Traditional Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates. Joseph & I share the belief that the person who uses their intelligence with respect to their diet, sleeping & who exercises properly is taking the very best preventative medicines provided so freely & abundantly by nature

Why This Is Different?

It is so important to us that the individual can work through the whole class taking advantage of modifications and variations that suit different levels. Pilates that align with Traditional Principles and my expertise – Pilates that is Just Pilates for you and keeping it simple. An approach where the focus is on a quality well aligned body movement without overcomplicating an exercise or risk of injuring yourself. Clients can expect a safe environment to work in for all different levels and around common injuries or pathologies. It is a form of movement that works on all modalities of strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, pelvic floor, posture and breath.

Why Choose Us?

You have access to an Accredited APMA Registered Level IV Pilates Practitioner
with over 5000+ hours working with clients with varying needs. As an association member, we keep up to date with the latest research on the body and best practice.
You can feel safe knowing your instructor is continually upskilling so that you get
the most out of your session.

  • Trained in over40Pathologies
  • 350+Students
  • 5000+ Hours
    with Clients
  • 9 Yearsof Teaching

Not sure If we’re a good fit?

Here's What You Get When You Join The Online Pilates Membership

Examples Of Our Online Trainingvideos

Feel alive and more flexible. Move with ease and reduce the chance of stiff and immobile joints.

Feel strong and re-energised and improve your quality of life all in the comfort of your home or hotel if travelling! Work with the family or a friend to add some extra fun whilst giving your body what it needs!

Pilates Online Membership

  • Professional Programs and teachings
  • Affordable classes that you can do not just once but twice or three times a week
  • A growing library or videos
  • Weekly classes, continual access to variety
  • No more travelling to the gym
  • Learn on your own terms
  • Categorised videos for each body
  • Access classes 24/7
  • Access over 100 videos
  • No lock in contracts


(billed monthly) just $1.67 per day!

Please only book a studio class below if you are an existing client.

Monthly Membership


(billed monthly) just $0.83 per day!

6 Monthly Membership

$250/6 months

(billed monthly) just 1.38 cents per day!

If you prefer to just book a single online pilates class instead of joining the membership above, Please check the timetable

Frequently asked questions

Accessing the free trial is as easy as clicking this link Once you have registered you can book into 3 classes of your choice at any time with no time restraints. Just click on the Schedule button and be sure to choose “Online” classes and not studio classes.

If you enjoyed your trial you will be invited to continue having access to the awesome live pilates classes and our extensive video library which grows every week. With many different needs and budgets there is an option to suit everyone!. Choose from casual single passes from $10 to monthly memberships. If you really loved it and are committed you can enjoy a discount and choose to sign up for 6 months to get one month free!

With every pilates class you can get through with no equipment, however to maximise your strength and have some fun, bring a band! We offer movements with loose or loop booty bands. We highly recommend the Blackroll booty band and as a special offer to our valued clients they are offering 15% off the price. To take advantage of this offer click on this link

Enter the discount code “JUSTFORYOU15” and it will be delivered straight to your address! 

Please note that I have an affiliate with Black Roll.

On occasions you are invited to use light weights, a cushion or long roller if you want.

It is really easy. All you have to do is click on this link or you can access the schedule through your membership login, rather than or you can access through your membership

To cancel or move your booking use the unique weblink in the email confirmation you received for your booking that Punchpass sends to you when you first book. Other options are to login to your membership and remove your booking from the Top Right Button on your screen that states “My Reservations”. Select the class to remove yourself from and then choose “Move or Cancel Reservation”

You will immediately receive an email confirming your registration and the link for the online class. Its as simple as this! Even better if you misplace your email you will receive another email 20-30 minutes before the class starts with your link for easy access. Remember you can always access this through your punchpass membership too. If you have any problems contact us and we can also send you the link up to ten minutes before the class.

Yes you may book up to 4 months in advance however you need to go into each class to book ahead of time. We hope to have an option soon where it will select this class once and offer the option for a permanent weekly booking soon.

Yes, if you select the date in your email you have the option to create a reminder and show in your calendar.

It is very unlikely this will happen but sometimes tech can let us down. In the event this happens, email as soon as you become aware and always login to punchpass to obtain the link from here just in case.

Login to Punchpass and select from the top of the screen “Content Library”. From here you will see various videos labelled by the length of the class time. For example 20/30/40/50 or 60 minute classes. So if you don’t have much time you can fit in a smaller workout or a more targeted workout if you prefer. Otherwise indulge in giving your body a full body awakening with a longer workout that will target the whole body. You will also notice different categories to choose from too.

Yes, if you need to cancel you can email and let us know or you can cancel your membership directly through Punchpass. Login and go into your membership. You will find the option to cancel here. If you prefer to pause your membership please email to let us know. Punchpass will save the amount of remaining days left in the current membership. Once you resume this membership, Punchpass will recalculate the membership renewal date based on the number of days left. So it just starts back where you left it! Too easy!!
Not everyone is comfortable being visible. Who would have thought we would be doing our exercising online and it can be a daunting experience for some. A tip though, the instructor will sometimes be able to observe where the technique might not be quite right when they can see the participants. So, if you prefer to be sure you are doing things correctly feel free to leave your camera on and when the instructor is aware that the movement isn’t quite right they can then provide more cues, discreetly of course! Otherwise there are others that will have their camera off and that is fine too! Just do what is comfortable for you and if you are unsure if you are doing things correctly please reach out to us or check out the content library on how to do your moves for the best outcome.
Yes if you have trouble getting started please email for help. It really is as simple as registering and then just clicking on the link for class.

Online pilates classes will suit most as there are variations and modifications given to work around common restrictions such as not being on your knees or can’t take the arms above the shoulders etc however joining means you have the Dr’s clearance to exercise and that you are generally able bodied.

If you are pregnant, have an acute injury or pathology that may require a more specialised approach we would suggest you book a 1:1 hourly session at the studio by contacting us through the contact us page or by selecting the Waitlist option.
Rates are discounted for your first session. You can then choose to join a small class or continue to have a more personalised 1:1. Please refer to the details on Studio Pilates.
Punchpass is designed to work well on your device, there is no need to purchase an App! Checkout this short video on how you can have one tap access just like an app.

You can check out Punchpasses privacy policy here.

We partner with Stripe within Punchpass, globally recognised  to provide integrated sales online. Stripe is battle tested and is of the highest compliance standards. Please refer to to see how they secure your information.

Please also see our Terms and conditions

No, here at Pilates Just For You it is about helping you to become more flexible if you need it. We will unlock any stiff joints you are feeling to make you feel like you can move more freely.