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Pilates Just For You Live Class

Mel O, Melbourne

“Before I started Pilates I had chronic back pain due to spondylolisthesis. I was having trouble carrying the shopping, or even walking properly after doing something as simple as vaccumming. My Oesteopath recommened pilates to strengthen my core. I am so glad that they recommended Mary, The classes are small and you get one on one contact. Mary targets every session to your needs in regards to how your body is feeling on the day.”

Jo Blackburn

I love doing Pilates with Mary. I have have done Pilates in the past at various places with differing styles and I honestly can say that Mary is on top of the list. I have been with Mary for over a year and love every minute that I am at her studio. The routines of the session never seem dull and boring, I am always challenged and love that I am toning and strengthening without the “bulk”. I am very grateful that I have crossed paths with Mary and looking forward to being pushed more

Gail Blackburn

” So glad I found Mary and Pilates Just For You. I do Mary’s online classes and the amount of thought and prep she puts in to them reflects her super high degree of knowledge and professionalism. She changes things up all the time so I never get bored, and she is aware of my weak spots/injuries from conversations or texts we have had along the way, so she just knows when I might be struggling and always adds in another easier variation. But she gives others the opportunities to really challenge themselves. As an older adult, I am happy just to make incremental improvements in my strength each time, but if I am sure if I got on to the recent online library of classes she has established or pushed myself to do some of the harder variations, I would improve quicker! But I love the fact that I have a choice depending on how I feel on the day. Mary has such a friendly and engaging manner and her instructions are so clear that it’s like I am actually doing the class in the same room as her – no mean feat when we are all so zoomed out! I have done Pilates before over the years but Mary is the best instructor I have ever had. “

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