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3 Moves for Stronger Wrists


The wrist has an important job as it grabs, grips, squeezes, holds and twists things!

The wrist is made up of many small joints, ligaments, tendons and bones that connect the hand and forearm. With repetitive movements of the hand, the wrist can become inflamed or get tendonitis or bursitis. Things like typing or knitting are an example of repetition. Wrist strains are also common when reaching out to prevent a fall.

If you experience swelling, dull or sharp pain, numbness or tingling that could be mild to start with, be sure to book an appointment with an allied health professional, particularly if it is affecting you when the hands are at rest or if it gets worse.

Common Wrist Conditions

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pinched Nerve of the neck
Arthritis – osteoarthritis – rheumatoid arthritis
 Ganglion cysts
 Stroke is sudden onset of weakness

As always be guided by your health professional, but where it is just muscle weakness around the joint, strength and stretching here at the studio will assist in the prevention of these conditions. This will enable you to do planks, open jars, carry shopping, carrying young children or even gardening with ease!

Try these three moves to start to build strength but if you experience any of the symptoms above please consult your professional health experts to work out the right treatment plan for you.

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