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100% of my clients experience poor posture and stress. Many have tried gyms or large group classes and found it wasn’t for them either. I will show you how you can work on your deep postural muscles and create better body awareness so that in everyday life you are well aligned. This will take the load off the joints, taking away pain and tightness and reducing your risk of degeneration but leaving you feeling strong, taller and an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Taking time to invest in you will improve your mental health but also your digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems on top of all the other benefits we know.

Pilates will pump up your endorphins and distract you from your daily worries. I can assist you letting go of the flight and fight response our bodies are currently in more than ever.

Don’t think of it as just another thing on your to do list as I make it my mission to make you feel better than when you walk in. 

What we Offer

We offer a personal service where you won’t be just a number and left on your own. You will access a personal discounted 1:1, 60 minute Studio Pilates session to start valued normally at $85 for just $60. Here we will discuss any concerns you have with your body and be taken through your own private pilates session. You will learn the underlying fundamentals to movement in Pilates including correct activation of your deep core muscles, pelvic floor and understanding how to strengthen your spine and body. 

Why you should Trust Us?

Hi, I’m Mary Van Orsouw & I have a passion for
working with individuals like you and building up your
strength and feelings of wellbeing. It is important to
me that your individual needs are being heard with
regular feedback. The Pilates that I offer is based on
Traditional Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates.
Joseph & I share the belief that the person who uses
their intelligence with respect to their diet, sleeping &
who exercises properly is taking the very best
preventative medicines provided so freely &
abundantly by nature


Studio Pilates – The optimum personal experience.
Access to an APMA qualified Instructor who will
give you professional advice and guidance and
who has a genuine interest in your health and
wellbeing AND who cares.
  • Single Studio1 Session $40
  • Ten Pack of Studio Sessions $350

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Frequently asked questions

Sessions are marked off weekly where packs are purchased. Clients will be notified when renewal is due. There are no minimum periods. If you go away or absent for a few weeks you just pick up where you left off.

Yes if your circumstances have changed you may request to cancel your membership and request a refund. Allow 7-10 days after the request for processing. No questions asked.

If you are having problems with your online bookings or subscriptions please email and we will endeavour to resolve this for you as soon as possible.

You can expect that you will have a 1:1 introduction to the Pilates Method and its underlying fundamentals to movement. Don’t worry if you forget some things or are unsure. Like anything practice makes perfect and we will build on this week to week. Wear comfortable clothing that you like to wear exercising but note loose shorts are probably best avoided unless you wear fitted shorts underneath. Bring a water bottle, towel and wear socks for your comfort and hygiene.

We don’t break our classes up into beginner, intermediate etc. With only 4 per class we can tailor the session just for your level and needs and this gives you flexibility on choosing a class time no matter what. Our online classes offer progressions starting off at beginner levels and working into more advanced stages so you have choice on where you fit into the session. There are specific classes with varying topics to also help you decided what you want to work on.

Absolutely, the wonderful world of Pilates provides modifications and variations to suit injuries and pathologies. We can work with your allied health professional to ensure you stay safe but get great results as part of your rehabilitation in the studio or online. The instructor will know of any concerns after your first consultation but if something new pops up there is an opportunity at the start of live classes to let us know. We want to keep you safe as best as we can.

Yes and you can choose any class at any time. Again we program Just For You so be sure to let us know if you are pregnant or even planning so we can have you in your prime both before and after Birth. We love our baby community that is growing! There are options for prerecorded online classes you can access as well if you have medical clearance.

Pilates is designed to assist those who are stiff and tight so we will help with your flexibility and what your body needs. This may include working on mobility of the joint but everything is approached in a balanced manner to work towards optimal body alignment.

You agree to indemnify us to the full extent from any and all third party claims, liabilities, costs and expenses on an indemnity basis that we may incur as a result of improper or illegal use of the subscription or services and any breaches of the Terms and conditions or support by you of a third party causing any damages or loss to us.

It is expected that you take due care to and agree to indemnify us for any claims, expenses or losses incurred by us you may cause or contribute to such losses.

Passess and Memberships are recorded in the Punchpass system once you register. Clients will be notified when renewal is due and can reschedule, cancel or check credits. There are no minimum periods. If you go away or absent for a few weeks you just pick up where you left off.

Yes if your circumstances have changed you may request to cancel your membership and request a refund. Allow 7-10 days after the request for processing. No questions asked. You can also cancel your membership directly in the Punchpass software.