About Pilates Just For You

Pilates Just For You offers live and recorded classes as well as in-studio traditional pilates classes. These are based on Joseph Pilates methodology. As the name suggests I aim to program movements to suit your needs.

Pilates not always one size fits all.

I can offer you my skills in helping with:

Whatever your situation, I will tailor a solution that you will benefit from, and your body will thank you for.

My Journey so far

Hi, my name is Mary Van Orsouw. I am a Registered Pilates Practitioner and am passionate in wanting to share not only what I know but more importantly how it relates to what you need.  

In my late 20’s I discovered a passion for strength training so much so that whilst I loved my career at the time I wanted to know as much as I could about it and started night school completing my certificates in Fitness. This allowed me to work as a qualified Personal Trainer. I didn’t want to be a trainer but I had a passion and just wanted to know that the work I was doing was safe, effective and making a difference. 

After nearly 18 years in the corporate world I had an opportunity for change. I took a leap and left my job and returned to my studies on health and redid my qualifications to become a Personal Trainer. I knew I wanted my own business and started my journey working with a well established PT business for a year to put this into practice on how to help others.

It was during this time that I was introduced to some training in Pilates. Learning about Joseph Pilates and his methodology took my understanding of the body to the greatest levels. With an experienced mentor and a Lecturer/trainer who is a master at Pilates I was guided to learn and master these skills myself. This involved over 500 hours of on the job training and working with other qualified practitioners before I was then able to become qualified myself. It was a real honour to have achieved this given the intensity of the course content.

I learnt how the body and its joints move with all its ligaments, tendons, muscles and bone more in depth. This then allowed me to prescribe exercise and body movement safely. I could confidently work around different pathologies and take my clients health and fitness to the next level. It was also more mindful and created a greater sense of body awareness than what I was doing with Personal Training. 

With two children at home I wanted to balance out my work and home life. I started my own business at home with just one small class. Today I have over 30 classes I run myself and have moved to a commercial premise. I now offer online classes to suit those who want to add extra classes to their studio work at an affordable rate or for those on shift work, busy mothers, those travelling, or those that can’t make it to the studio. Some use this option to get 2-3 sessions in a week to really maximise their health and strength.

I love that I can reach those all over Australia and the world now. Pilates is so beneficial to the body and works wonders. I feel privileged to share this with you and want to work with you so that you don’t walk away feeling like you haven’t received the results you wanted. You will be able to tell me what you need and like and be heard. My classes offer progressions so that you can choose what is safe for you. I have clients who can’t lie on their side, or can’t take their arms over their head or people who have sore knees that require adapting the move. The Pilates we do finds ways of modifying and varying moves to suit you. Whether you are just starting to those who want to feel challenged.

Every day, month, year my passion grows on the Pilates Methodology and sharing this.

I would love to show you the benefits and
have you join us!  

Health is
number 1 to me.

To live a quality life, free from injury, aches and pains matters most with my family. I can say that in all my endeavours I have never injured myself. I put this down to the deep joint work we do in Pilates but also doing things safely!

As I get older I want to be able to be independent for as long as I can. If you have the same interest I would love it if you can join me either in the studio or online for real personalised service or through recorded classes.

I enjoy living a pain free life and feeling healthy and strong and want to maintain this. Pilates allows an escape from the stresses of daily life and offers a balanced and holistic approach to your health. Joseph said the person who uses their intelligence with respect to their diet, sleeping habits and who exercises properly is taking the very best preventative medicines provided so freely by nature and I couldn’t agree more. And this belief is something I want to share with as many people as I can. 

What is Pilates?
Common Questions Answered!

Pilates is a good, low-intensity form of exercise suitable for everyone! But what is Pilates?

It’s an all-body workout that improves your core and body strength and flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination, as well as, improving posture and pelvic floor health. It’s easy to get started, whether you’re a total beginner or more experienced.