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Diastasis Recti – Linea Alba Separation

Diastasis Recti – Separation of the Linea Alba

Common during pregnancy and in the second and third trimester and postpartum. It is when the uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen to assist the growing baby. It can also affect men when incorrectly performing abdominal exercises or lifting heavy weights. 

When this occurs you will notice a visual gapping in the middle of your abdomen or a doming or pooching of your tummy.

Studies in 2016 showed that over 60% of women had Diastasis Recti six weeks after giving birth. This figure changed to 32% after 12 months. The connective tissue takes time to heal however, there are abdominal exercises you can do safely. Check out how you can start exercising safely below:


Exercises to Avoid 

There are definetely exercises to avoid when recovering from the separation of the Linea Alba.

1. Avoid situps, crunches, bicycles etc, anything that involves flexion of the Abdomen.

2. Exercises that cause you to brace and put intra-abdominal pressure such as planks and situps. Pressure builds up, especially if you hold your breath widening the abdomen.

3. Avoid Extension of the Spine such as lying over a fitball, warrior pose, upward facing dog or cobra. This will place too much stretch on the abdomen.

Once you have closed the gap it does take time for the tissue to thicken and strengthen in its position. We can tailor exercises to you based on how much separation has occurred in studio or online


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