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Help a sore neck and shoulders


Apart from a sore lower back, neck and shoulder complaints are a common issue I see in the studio and online. The following are the main contributing factors:

Carrying of stress both physical and mental
Postural stress
Longer hours on devices and screenss
Lack of awareness of neck position
Neglect of strengthening the neck
Pathologies – Schuemanns, Disc Bulges, Degeneration
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Did you know poor alignment of the neck places massive loads on the cervical spine(top of neck) and the shoulders.

Whilst you are reading this how is your posture? Are the ears above the shoulder? Where are the eyes looking? Are they looking down and tilting the head? Are the shoulders rounded? All poor posture and alignment! What happens as a result?

Fwd Head Tilt

Shortened frontal neck muscles

Long weakened back of neck muscles

Rounded Shoulders

Tight Chest muscles

Poor spinal vertabral alignment risking disc bulges

Chin tucks are a great start to helping you achieve better posture and strengthen the back of the neck.

Start by pushing the chin back with two fingers

Keep the eyes looking just a little up but do not look down

Hold for 30 secs and repeat 8-10 times

Below is a video that focuses on relieving tight neck and shoulders. For real improvements try this 2-3 times a week if not daily to make a real difference!


If you would like to know more or build up your strength in this area feel free to contact me on how I can help you on 0488 357 688.

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