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POOR POSTURE – Does more Damage than what you think!


Pilates is not only good for core strength, but it helps to correct posture

The Pilates Method creates an environment where you are focused on your body alignment creating an increased body awareness. Joseph Pilates quoted “A man is as young as his spinal column”. What he means is that Neutral spine alignment was everything. If your spine is stiff your body is old but if it is flexible at 60 years then you are young. He believed it contributed a lot to our health and wellbeing. When the deep abdominal and spinal muscles are maintained and kept strong, we can promote better posture and better breathing.

This image shows us what happens to the body in poor posture.
Can you see what is really going on?

Notice that the shoulders are rounded, creating a curve in the upper back and concave in the chest. As a result the chest muscles become weak, shoulders unaligned and the spine flexed and also unaligned. Also the head is no longer sitting where it should. Automatically we have loaded up our neck trying to hold it there instead of balancing at the top of the spine.

What happens at the top flows on to the lower extremities. The hips tilt back and flex the spine when it should be curved the other way. The hips become tight from having the legs at an angle and the glutes become weak and tight from being pressed on and inactive. Add crossed legs and twist those hips too!

Combine this with things like weakened vision, shallow breathing from compressed lungs and the onset of headaches from the loaded neck muscles there is a mammoth amount going on to our bodies.

There are many things you can do to improve your posture but make sure your workstation is setup for better posture. Try a standing desk to alternate between sitting and standing. Take micro breaks regularly or organise your meetings to go outdoors and walk around.

Check out my Video (attach link) which is going to address all of the above. Do this at least twice a week to gain the benefits and see how your mindset adjusts. Soon you will notice when things go back out of alignment but the best thing is the improvements you will notice in the reduction or elimination of back, shoulder, neck and hip pain. All of which leads to poor health and a poor quality of life. Don’t end up spending many dollars on health professionals for a quick fix, try to fix the root of the problem and build up strength and stretch out those tight spots.

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